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B&D is a family business founded in 1997. Our expertise in the silversmith market extends three generations.

We believe strongly in the combination of the traditional pillars of our family: seriousness, quality and service. Paired with our knowledge of the industry and a strong dedication to our clients, they allow us to continue being leaders in this market.

We believe that our personalized service, in addition to our high quality products and the capacity to satisfy individualized needs, are the starting point to continue growing as a company.

In January 2011 we made a significant capital investment to modernize our factory, which allowed us not only to improve the volume of production but also the quality of our products. With this strategic investment B&D is equipped to cope successfully with the projected future growth.

Today we are proud to launch a new catalog, with a larger variety of products and services, in order to better serve you.


Nicolás Fernández Miranda

Juan de la Cruz Fernández Miranda.